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Business Overview

Fine Components Division

Automotive-related components

Fine Components Division

Manufacturing safety-critical automotive components that are directly connected to human safety

The Fine Components Division has won considerable trust in the sector of complicated, high-precision and safety-critical automotive components and precision products; leveraging sophisticated technologies it has nurtured over a long history of metal fabrication.
Alongside our technical capacity to ensure quality, comprehensive production capacity is an equally important component of our business. As well as developing accurate manufacturing solutions, all production processes are handled in-house, from material procurement right though to manufacturing and product shipment.
We also deliver high-precision and high-quality products promptly, working closely alongside various associate companies.

Integrated Production System

The integrated production system manages all the processes in a one-stop process.

We boast a fully integrated production system to accommodate wide-ranging needs promptly and accurately. From material procurement right through to product shipment, we handle almost all our production processes in house.
With knowledge of over 50 associate companies, we design a manufacturing process in which our advanced technologies meet every need and we also have scope to handle overseas shipments.

Hardware Processing

Prompt and accurate work with advanced manufacturing equipment, underpinned by a century of hardware processing experience.

For primary processes, we use multi-spindle automatic turning machines and NC lathes for cutting, followed by processing on deformation machines.
We have developed a range of production equipment commensurate with the relevant part types for optimum secondary processing.
Thermal treatment, plating and black oxide treatment can have a significant effect on final quality, the process of which are all consistently performed in-house.
We have one of the most comprehensive collections of automatic multi-spindle turning machines in Japan.
We apply a century of hardware processing experience to manufacture the very best end products.

Quality-First Policy

Boosting quality with unrivaled craftsmanship and commitment Advanced factory equipment

As well as refining our process to boost quality, we subject our products to stringent quality assurance using automatic testing equipment developed in house.
Nakoso Factory, located in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, is home to the Fine Components Division and parts manufactured there range from automotive to air-conditioning systems and office automation apparatus.
It is an advanced factory, achieving exceptional productivity thanks to thorough quality, cost and delivery (QCD) management applied to in-factory processes, from material purchasing to processing and thermal and surface treatments.

Nakoso Factory(Iwaki-shi, Fukushima)

Nakoso Factory(Iwaki-shi, Fukushima)

High-tech production equipment to support superior cost performance

Cutting machines Multi-spindle automatic turning machines 48
NC lathes 78
Machining centers 4
Single-spindle automatic turning machines 59
Grinders 29
Deformation machines 11
Deburring equipment Thermal deburring machine 1
Electrochemical deburring machines 2
Thermal treatment equipment Thermal treatment machines 3
Induction hardening machines 2
Surface treatment equipment Continuous black oxide finishing machine 1
Other Plus a variety of other secondary processing equipment

ISO-Based Management

A thorough quality assurance system High technical capability and stability

To offer safe, quality and high-performance products, we maintain a thorough quality assurance system under strict management based on ISO certification.

Our quality assurance system

1963 A JIS display certified factory
1966 Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise Rationalization Model Factory
2001 ISO9001/2000 certification obtained
2007 ISO14001 certification obtained
2017 ISO9001/2015 certification obtained
2018 ISO14001/2015 certification obtained