Earthquake-Proof Latch Series

When it counts, it's good to be prepared

Earthquake-Proof Latch Series

Japan is a country prone to earthquakes and over history has suffered significant damage from large-scale earthquakes, including the Great Hanshin Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake. It has been reported that falling furniture accounts for approximately 50% of injuries sustained in an earthquake.
Doors swinging open and drawers flying out can also cause unforeseen accidents.
Simply preventing the furniture itself from falling is not enough. Failure to prevent drawers flying out and other items falling from shelves and drawers can result in injury from falling tableware and cooking implements. Broken tableware and other fallen objects can also block escape routes.

Earthquake-Proof Latch Series
Earthquake-Proof Latch Series

Product Overview

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  • Earthquake-Proof Latch Series
  • Wood Jointing Systems
  • Interior Door Hardware
  • Concealed Hinge Series
  • Aluminum Frame Door Series
  • Door Hardware Series
  • Storage Fixtures
  • Handrail Fixtures
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