Wood Jointing Systems

Wood joints are parts used to join pieces of timber. They were developed for joining the parts of flat-pack furniture and reduce construction time and can be reused.


Conventional timber screws destroy the structure of the material and furniture assembled with these screws is difficult to put back to back together again once it is taken apart. The use of the ONIME Nut® makes it possible to disassemble and assemble furniture any number of times. A pilot hole is drilled into the timber and the part inserted (hammered or screwed) into it to form a strong joint.


Wood jointing systems are divided into drive and screw-in types and both come with the choice of a flanged or normal head.

Flanged Head: Prevents damaging the timber when inserted and acts as a guide to prevent over insertion.
Normal Head: Bites firmly into the timber and allows for adjustment of nut depth for a variety of applications.
Wood Jointing Systems

Product Overview

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