Aluminum Frame Door Series

Murakoshi MFG aluminum frame doors are ideal for use as interior sliding doors and partition doors.
We manufacture doors in 1mm units so that you can order the exact size to fit any opening.

Features of aluminum frames

  • Aluminum is light, with a specific gravity approximately 1/3 of that of steel and stainless steel, and is less prone to warping.
  • It has superior resistance to corrosion making it ideal for use in damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Moreover, it does not require regular repainting, making it, easy maintenance.
Aluminum Frame Door Series

Frame Styles

  • Choose from a range of frame styles to suit your needs, including frames with integrated handles or more simple, trim handles.
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Features of Frame Hardware

  • Soft close: The soft close feature reduces any loud, unpleasant noise when shutting the door and prevents rebounding.
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Product Overview

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  • Earthquake-Proof Latch Series
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  • Interior Door Hardware
  • Concealed Hinge Series
  • Aluminum Frame Door Series
  • Door Hardware Series
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  • Door Knob/Handle Series
  • Soft Close Function
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