Door Hardware Series

Door Hardware Series
Door Hardware Series

With living environments becoming more refined, including barrier free and universal design, door hardware now serves a new role of matching current trends in interior design. Our range of door hardware is designed to make effective use of interior wall space while giving the room a beautiful feel and simple functionality to create comfortable, open plan spaces and can be used on a range of doors, including folding and sliding doors. They have been designed and developed in pursuit of functionality to cater to an array of diverse and complex needs such as heavy doors and partition doors.

Product Overview

  • Lifestyle Components Division
  • Earthquake-Proof Latch Series
  • Wood Jointing Systems
  • Interior Door Hardware
  • Concealed Hinge Series
  • Aluminum Frame Door Series
  • Door Hardware Series
  • Storage Fixtures
  • Handrail Fixtures
  • Door Knob/Handle Series
  • Soft Close Function
  • Fine Components Division
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