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Corporate Profile

Founded in August 01, 1918
Established in October 01, 1976
Representative President Yusuke Murakoshi
Capital 90 million yen
Head Office 5-6-35 Midori-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184-8595 Japan
TEL.(042)384-0330 FAX.(042)385-3187
No. of Employees 408(Lifestyle Components Division:188 , Fine Components Division:220)
* current as of March 2021

Lifestyle Components Division | Profile

Lifestyle Components Division
Business Outline Development, manufacture and sale of wood jointing systems and functional parts for furniture and home appliances and equipment
No. of Employees 188(current as of March 2021)
Head Office and Sales Offices ・Head Office(Koganei-shi, Tokyo)
・Hamamatsu Sales Office(Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka)
・Osaka Sales Office(Higashi Osaka-shi, Osaka)
・Fukuoka Sales Office(Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka)
Factories Yamanashi Factory IMolding Dept. (die casting/resin), various testing facilities
Yamanashi Factory ⅡPackaging Dept.
Yamanashi Factory ⅢDie casting factory
Yamanashi Business OfficeConcealed Hinge automatic assembly factory
Lifestyle components assembly factory
Distribution center
Iwaki Minamidai FactoryAluminum framing factory

Fine Components Division | Profile

Fine Components Division
Business Outline Manufacture and sale of safety critical automotive components
No. of Employees 220(current as of March 2021)
Headquarters, Sales Offices and Offices ・Headquarters(Koganei-shi, Tokyo)
・Nagoya Sales Office(Nagoya-shi, Aichi)
・Osaka Sales Office (Higashi Osaka-shi, Osaka)
・Ueda Office (Ueda-shi, Nagano)
・Kita Kanto Office(Oura-gun, Gunma)
Factories Nakoso FactoryAutomotive brake parts
(bleeder screws, master cylinder pistons, wheel cylinder pistons, ABS components etc.)
Automotive engine parts
Automotive mission parts
Fishing gear parts etc.
Purchasing DivisionLocated in Nakoso Factory
Iwaki Factory ⅡSecondary processing, thermal treatment and black-oxide finishing of brake-piston components and assembly of ASSAY parts

Acquisition of ISO 9001/14001 certification

International quality management system ISO 9001 (Lifestyle Components Division)

Our policy

Providing customers with products of globally unrivalled quality – the proud commitment of all Murakoshi MFG employees.


JIS Q 9001 : 2015 / ISO 9001:2015

Registration date March 21, 1997
Registration/certification body JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.
Registration No. 0206
Applicable scope Design development, manufacturing and supplemental services of slide hinges, functional parts for furniture and home appliances and equipment and wood-jointing systems

International Environmental Management System ISO 14001 (Lifestyle Components Division)

Yamanashi Office  Environmental Policy

◆Basic principle
Acknowledging global environmental conservation as a common critical human challenge, we strive collectively to gather the wisdom and ability of all employees during all business operations and in our products or services to conserve nature and bequeath it to future generations.

◆Environmental Guidelines
The Yamanashi Office of Murakoshi MFG manufactures concealed hinge, wood-jointing systems, functional furniture and home appliance equipment using hardware and resin that consume considerable electricity and resources. Aware of the noise, waste and other environmental loads generated by our work and as a factory located in the nature-rich peach and grape village of Misaka-cho and Ichinomiya-cho, we proceed in line with the following policies to ensure all our activities are conducted in harmony with nature and with environmentally friendly manufacturing in mind.

Promotion of resource-saving and recycling
(1) We strive to develop products that promote environmental conservation by choosing suitable materials at the development/design stage and evaluating their recyclability.
(2) We prioritize efforts to save energy and resources and reduce waste throughout our business operations.
We take the noise and vibration generated by our business operations into consideration and strive to maintain calm in the region and prevent contamination caused by exhaust fumes and factory wastewater.
We comply with environmental regulations provided for under laws and ordinances and other requirements to which the Yamanashi Office has agreed, as well as introducing our own rules to promote environmental conservation activities.
To mitigate environmental loads, we act by setting out our objectives and goals, reviewing them regularly and improving systems on an ongoing basis.
To operate environmental management systems effectively, all employees have common perspectives and promote education/training and awareness activities (through morning assembly of all employees, notices, etc.) to raise awareness.
These environmental policies can be published subject to external request.


JIS Q 14001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015

Registration date January 11, 2001
Registration/certification body JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.
Registration No. E213
Applicable scope Business activities concerning the manufacturing and development of slide hinges, furniture and functional living facility components and wood-jointing systems

International Quality Management System ISO 9001 (Fine Components Division)

Registration date November 2001
Registration/certification body DQS Japan Inc
Registration No. 2001959QM15
Applicable scope Sales activities of the Headquarters, Nagoya Sales Office, Nakoso Factory, Iwaki Factory II

International Environmental Management System ISO 14001 (Fine Components Division)

Registration date June 2007
Registration/certification body DQS Japan Inc
Registration No. 20001959UM15
Applicable scope Nakoso Factory, Iwaki Factory II