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Corporate Message

Corporate Message

We are delighted to mark our centenary in business.

Throughout our manufacturing history, we have understood that winning the trust and respect of customers depends on keeping standards high while supplying precision products. Adamant in this belief, upheld since 1917, we have striven steadily and wholeheartedly to help our manufacturing business progress.

At the same time, present-day businesses must be ready to adapt to address ever-changing customer requirements that reflect contemporary demands. Instead of looking back, we have pondered how best to adopt such new approaches.
Accordingly, our current business has ranged from metal fabrication to manufacturing and distributing functional parts for furniture and home appliances and equipment and labor-saving machinery incorporating wide-ranging materials.

While embracing new challenges, we have always returned to our basis of metal fabrication.

The first product we made for the automotive industry was the bleeder screw. Today, enhanced productivity and quality have seen it become the mainstay of our Fine Components Division and acclaimed by customers the world over.

We have also refined the manufacturing process of our longest selling Lifestyle Components product, the ONIME NUT wood jointing system. This product has won a global reputation and become a bestseller thanks to unrivalled quality, with sales continuing to rise.

When it comes to labor-saving machinery, we apply years of processing technology expertise to our dedicated units and help numerous customers streamline production, reduce the processing and work effort required and boost quality.

These success stories reflect our engineering expertise, underpinned in turn by outstanding manufacturing processing and technical capacity and key to creating highly functional, high-performance precision products. We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt our manufacturing processes while retaining our business and remembering our origins.

“Solely made-in-Japan products should be domestically produced and globally distributed”.
This reflects our manufacturing approach going forward.

Murakoshi MFG is a medium-sized organization, which is now celebrating a key moment by marking a centenary in business. We will strive to unite the engineering capability of the Lifestyle Components Division, manufacturing technology of the Fine Components Division and the labor-saving design of Murakoshikoki through a large network of partner companies toward a new era.